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10:55 PM
October 20th, 2014


ah yes, Homestuck, I’ve read that webcomic. I love the way they just… [clenches fists] [keeps clenching fists] [doesn’t stop clenching fists]

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1:57 AM
October 20th, 2014



Everyone, you realize what this means, right?

Caliborn, as Lord English, is just cosplaying his OC.

The OC that he stole, from fanart someone drew.

Fanart that is wearing that coat, because it was seen in the Felt Intermission.

Let that sink in for a moment. Homestuck has actually established a closed paradox loop OUTSIDE OF THE COMIC PROPER.

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1:29 AM
October 20th, 2014



realcatstuck: au where Nepeta is as obnoxious as a real cat.  every so often in a chat a troll will suddenly seem to type a string of nonsense and numbers, and be like ‘oh sorry Nepeta just walked across my keyboard again’.

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1:15 AM
October 20th, 2014



weightstuck: trolls don’t have dumbbells.  Equius works out by lifting Feferi in one hand and Karkat in the other.

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3:39 PM
October 19th, 2014



mCAT: So this happened.

Woohoo, trivialization of autism and general ableist fuckery! Dear god, if “on the spectrum” becomes the new “special” I’m going to blow a fucking fuse. (also, “I’m autistic and I’m not offended!” people, go here. Also here.)

And this should be the definitive proof of Hussie doing something that he knows will upset and hurt people and not giving a single flying fuck about it.

im fucking sick of you peope ignoring this fucking dont

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3:02 PM
October 19th, 2014

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1:43 AM
October 19th, 2014


andrew hussie gives up homestuck to rp as caliborn on deviantart

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1:38 AM
October 19th, 2014


when people get mad at homestucks for celebrating the giga-unpause


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11:34 PM
October 18th, 2014


Bro come on just tuck me in bro you know I can’t sleep unless someone tucks me in man

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10:18 PM
October 18th, 2014


being homestuck trash is canon

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